HTML5 and CSS3 Based Website Design and Development Services

HTML5 is the latest and most advanced version of HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language. It’s a powerful platform with a collection of technologies and API’s meant to develop robust web and mobile applications. HTML5 with the combination of CSS and JavaScript delivers applications that are accessible across various browsers and platforms thus enhancing user experience.

To keep in pace with the recent technology development and deliver the latest to its client team Vrush Technology has geared up with the latest knowledge and skills in developing amazing user interfaces for web & mobile.

Benefits of using HTML5 and CSS3 in website and mobile design and development

  • Compatible in different browsers, platforms, and devices
  • Supported by major mobile browsers
  • Rich multimedia content and animations now possible without flash
  • Geo-location based services
  • Offline storage is possible
  • Widely accepted for publishing e-books
  • Drag and drop options

Our services in HTML5

  • Interactive game development
  • Feature-rich mobile apps development




Our Services:
Vrush Technology provide Website design and development, Website design, website development, Search Engine optimization, Website Marketing, Email Marketing, eCommerce Solutions, WordPress development in USA.