Keyword research is the first step of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign and is not a simple task. On the contrary it comprehends careful study of a niche and an exhaustive work for selecting the right keywords your site should be optimized for, as well as the selecting the right pages to optimize every keyword for.

Starting a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work, without a proper keyword research may result on wasting time and money, focusing on keywords that, in the end, will not bring you sales/traffic.

Vrush Technology will assist you finding the right keywords for your site, by using the best tools and up to date search engine data.

We are providing…

  • Complete analysis for selecting keywords.
  • Use keyword research tool for key phrase.
  • Use key phrase in title, description and content.
  • Check keyword proximity, density and prominence.
  • Use key word in Alt tag for images.
  • Key phrase used in anchor text for link building.
  • Research keywords specifically for each page.
  • Specific Keyword Research for each Country.
  • Use multiple – word phrases.




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