Services – Providing the expert help you need, each step of the way

You can count on Vrush Technology to be your email marketing expert. We provide the guidance and expertise on the technology, strategy, and the best practices needed for a successful email marketing program that delivers strong bottom-line and customer satisfaction results for your brand.

Whether you need to improve your P & L, to manage all aspects of your email marketing program, or just need an extra hand with a project, Vrush Technology’s experts are available. Our expertise developed over years of successful email marketing engagements with companies across a wide range of industries. Whether you are new to email marketing or an expert, the Vrush Technology Services team empowers you to take your campaign to the next level – and beyond.

Strategic Guidance and Direction – Best Practices applied to your specific needs

Smart strategic planning ensures the success of your email campaigns and determines how to best use email marketing to drive success through other channels. Vrush Technology Strategic Email Services works with you to identify strategic goals, determines how to achieve optimal email marketing ROI, and creates a road map for success. We help you carefully review business goals, details of lists, demographics, ISP issues and data integration to best position your campaign for success.

Fast, Reliable Implementation in less than a week

With a plan in place, Vrush Technology Strategic Services helps with implementation. We support you with everything from content design and review to ensure your campaign is error-free and can be read correctly using popular email marketing programs.

Delivery Assurance that maximizes the delivery of your emails

To improve email delivery rates, better target you’re messaging, integrate with popular business tools or upgrade list management, Vrush Technology Strategic Services is your expert on delivery. Learn more about maximizing the delivery of your email campaigns!.

State-of-the-Art Integration

Your customers interact with you in many ways beyond being recipients of marketing emails. Vrush Technology integrates across those multiple touch points to allow you to provide your visitors with a seamless experience, pulling together information from across multiple sources for the most complete customer profile – who they are, what they’ve done and their interests. Such detail allows you to better measure campaign success, and tailor campaigns with personalized data for maximum impact.

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