When was the last time you changed up the content on your website? Has it been days? Weeks? Well, if you are anything like most website owners out there, it’s probably been several months or even years since you really made a significant change to your site. In order for a website to work to its full potential it needs to be cared for by regularly adding and updating content.

Keeping your website fresh accomplishes several goals. The obvious one is that it gives your visitors a reason to come back to your site often. Suppose you offered a free article once a month on your site that was of interest to people in your industry. Not only would you increase your repeat visitors, but chances are they would help spread the news to their friends and colleagues, creating a new pool of visitors to your website. Another benefit to updating your website frequently is that it could help increase your search engine ranking. Search engines like to come back to your site and see more and more keyword rich content every time they visit and will reward you accordingly.

If you are serious about increasing the overall value of your website, we offer several ways in which to help you maintain your content and keep it fresh. Below is a detailed description of each of our website maintenance service options to ensure you stay ahead of the curve!

Website Maintenance Contract

If you’re like most business owners, you’re extremely busy. If you don’t have the time or interest in updating your website, performing maintenance and editing, we can help. Whether you need to update website content monthly, quarterly or annually, we have a website maintenance contract for you guaranteed to save time and money. Sound-n-Vision will put together a website maintenance contract that best suits your needs so you are never overpaying for time that you don’t use. The best part about our maintenance plan? In most cases your changes are guaranteed to be live within 24 hours of your request!

Hourly Website Editing

If you have basic needs and only make changes to your site occasionally, our hourly website editing is a perfect fit. This gives you the luxury of having a website maintenance company on staff at your beck and call without the expense of having to pay retainers or monthly fees for time that you may not even use. Your changes will be done quickly and accurately and best of all, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Position yourself well – take the necessary steps to properly maintain your website so you can get more visitors and sell more of your products and services. For more information about our various website maintenance service options, please contact us today!




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