With a combination of quality, speed and affordability, Vrush Technology has been helping a number of international clients achieve their research objectives. We cover all areas of Market Research, Survey and Analysis (consumer behaviour, market and economic trends, competitor tracking) and help you in making informed and strategic decisions with regard to your business. The employment of both quantitative and qualitative research methods, and close coordination with the clients makes our researched data a successful marketing and advertising tool.

In the current economic scenario when retaining each customer is necessary for survival, it is important that you have the latest and trusted research results in your hands. The focus of our research is on finding the real desires, attitudes of consumers and hot buttons of target markets. The process of understanding our client’s requirements and then conducting research with a view to give our clients precise, current and easily understandable information makes our research and analysis better.

Data Research Analysts at Vrush Technology are experienced in every aspect of market research and analysis, be it primary (conducted by gathering original data) or secondary (conducted on previously published data) research, quantitative (used for drawing conclusions like surveys and questionnaires) or qualitative (used for exploratory purposes like focus groups, and in-depth interviews) research, internet research, customer surveys, product research.

The market research analysts at Vrush Technology can give you systematic, objective, current and in-depth information regarding your current and prospective customers and markets, competition in your industry, trends, opinions and future prospective of your product or service amongst the customers.

Consumer Marketing Research :

Involves conducting research to understand the attitude and preferences of consumers in the market, their responsiveness towards your products in comparison to competitor’s products.

Product Research :

Covers complete research survey and analysis on products, whether it involves the launch of a new product or finding the responsiveness towards an already marketed product. Through our research process you can identify:

  • The target audiences to whom your product will appeal the most
  • Features that your product should have to be successful in the targeted audience
  • Messages that will communicate in the best manner the appealing and selling features of your product
  • A name for your product by selecting a name that will not just appeal but also give a clear understanding of your product to the target audience

Brand Research :

Involves consumers reaction towards a particular brand, which includes consumers association with a particular brand, any key features that describe a brand and testing the acceptance of a brand among the consumers.

Social Media Network Research :

Involves research blogs, online discussion groups and other new social media networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. to determine the consumer behaviour, competitive intelligence and market trends.

Competitor Research :

Involves conducting extensive surveys on your competitors to analyze: the products they are offering; any special discounts or offers being advertised by them; the prices at which they are marketing their products; the areas where they are succeeding; kind of audience/customers targeted by them; marketing strategies employed; kind of manufacturer’s they are buying or soliciting products from; customer’s reactions and attitudes towards their products, prices and offers; how often they come up any special schemes like sale, discounts or special reward points;

Price Research and Analysis :

Involves researching how similar products are priced in the market and the acceptance of the pricing structure amongst the consumers.

Market Research Methodologies:

  • Surveys : online, telephone, e-mail, post
  • Interviews : Face-to-Face, Telephone, CATI
  • Focus Groups : Discussion Groups, Panel Discussions
  • Databases : Databased Mining, Lists, Directories

Application Areas:

  • Research companies
  • Advertising companies
  • Publishing Houses
  • Online/E-commerce Stores
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Quantitative Research:

Involves measuring market trends and statistical analysis. An online service provider might ask its customers to rate its services on a scale of 1-5 and this quantitative information is then statistically organized. As this approach requires same set of questions to be asked from a number of respondents, it is very structured. The most common examples of Quantitative Research Methodology are Interviews, Questionnaires, and Surveys using telephone, post, face-to-face and online.

Qualitative Research:

Involves analyzing how and why things are in the way they are. It involves holding discussion with the respondent and then analyzing responses of the respondent towards a particular product or service. The most common example of Qualitative Research Methodology is Discussion Groups or Focus Groups.

Primary Research:

Involves contacting the customers to get their view and opinions, which in turn will help to better understand their preferences and behaviour. However, this process turns out be expensive, lengthy and requires careful planning.

Secondary Research:

Is less expensive, helps in the development of hypotheses and in some cases, eliminates the need for primary research. The scope of secondary market research covers analyzing new entrants in a specific field of work, the price structure of existing players in the market, i.e. your competitors, gathering information about existing product/service offerings, financial analysis of an industry and custom analyses as per customer’s request.




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