To compile a wide array of information into ebook is a specialized job especially when, the volume is large. Vrush Technology, a leading data outsourcing company offers you ebook conversion as one of its services. Any documents, images, drawings etc. you need to convert to ebook, we will do it for you in a fast and professional manner.

When data from printed matter on paper is compiled into electronic books, it is known as ebook conversion. This has become a very common procedure in today’s technology-savvy world. Company reports, analysis, data inputs, daily reports, work sheets etc. there are innumerable amount of data that may be needed to compiled and presented in a systematic manner. This facilitates easy reading, understanding and analysis of the situation in the company or outside it as the case may be. So a lot of businesses opt to compile and convert their widely scattered data into ebooks.

While making an ebook, we take into consideration the requirements of the client and accordingly proceed with the job. The idea is to put at the client’s disposal, information that are quickly accessible, understood and can be edited, if necessary. Therefore, our personnel disseminate and assemble the information in such a way that all the required and related information are at one place.

We can convert from printed matters, MS Word files, HTML, Quark etc into ebook format with proper indexing, bookmarks etc. Our staff is always receptive to your inputs regarding any customized services you might require. Needless to say, we use the latest scanners, ebook converter software, OCR to deliver the goods to your satisfaction.

Ebooks can be read on any computer or anywhere on a laptop or even read out by the computer with certain software. It also makes it easier to find data based on keywords. No searching through different pages. Just type in the word and the information jumps up on the screen. Besides, these can be easily edited and updated. Ebook files can be conveniently shared and stored with an endless lifetime. Ebooks are also very useful for publishers, authors.




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