All successful organization knows the importance of having data at its fingertips. However, with business spread all over the globe, data extraction even within an organization proves to be a mind boggling exercise. And if that was not enough, you need to extract data from online sources, websites etc. Anticipating the stress this poses for running an efficient company in terms of technology, office space, human resource etc. Vrush Technology offers data extraction service at reasonable rates.

We also do web data extraction, where we search and list the websites associated with your business. Data extracted from these sources are then compiled in different formats of your choice. This puts at your disposal the latest market trends, competitor prices, products, consumer preference etc. It works in favor of the company by providing highly accurate data, in a very accessible format like Excel, Access, My SQL etc. It also translates into low cost and savings in man hours. This lets the company fully focus its energy and resources towards planning and implementing of better product and services, thanks to an efficient database at hand.

Vrush Technology is fully equipped to handle any volume of work, big, small or medium in a very professional manner. Lots of our clients have benefited from our expertise and continue to do business with us. This confidence comes from the fact that Vrush Technology is always up-to-date on the latest software, business practices, market trends, technology and a competent highly trained staff.

We gauge your requirements through various factors like size of the data, place, time etc. Then we suggest the most beneficial solution available to you. After your approval, our staff starts the process of information extraction that you seek. Using the latest software and equipments, we gather the data from different sources and present to you in a very structured format.




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