Vrush Technology deals in various manual, automated data capture and web data capture services as part of its regular operations. The data from your contracts, forms, bills, invoices and other documents can be captured through our specialized software and generated as an electronic file. This can be used for different purposes like analyzing, billing and even auditing. Highly accurate and hassle free data at your finger tips. Automated advanced data capture from documents eliminates the errors caused by manual entry like lost invoices, bills and other data entry.

Continuous collection, processing, analyzing of data from various sources and its distribution to the right place at the right time, is a highly specialized job in today’s business environment. Vrush Technology understands this and the several factors involved in a highly efficient and reliable data capture system. That’s why we have put in place all the technology and human resources required to handle this extremely sensitive and vital job. Our data capture service aims to ease your mind from any kind of impediment your business might face due to lost data, improper or inefficient tracking systems, inability to receive proper feedback etc.

Our services include the following:

  • Automated data capture (High and low volume)
  • Records Management
  • Remote Scanning
  • Invoice capture
  • Forms capture

This translates into better financial reporting and financial control; which in turn leads to better understanding of business objectives, situations, planning and execution of business plans. Besides this, Vrush Technology also is involved in web data capture. It involves capturing data from documents to the web, retrieving data from online resources, separating it, analyzing it and sending them online or offline as need be.

The normal process of data capture involves scanning of the data manually or through automated software. This procedure has a very high level of accuracy. This material is enhanced to reduce any errors in data. Then the matter is extracted through a highly precise technology without disturbing its original format. Finally, the data is compiled as per the needs of the customer. This is in keeping with the industry standards. Data capture also brings ease of use, great convenience and enormous amount of savings in manual labor costs. Besides this, it also means environment friendly approach due to reduction in paper usage.




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